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Saturday, 24 May 2014

How to monetize youtube videos

Videos are the new way of telling world your story,but if you want to monetize them with youtube,you will earn some extra dollars with them.
 Marketers have been using it for marketing of their products,singers for their songs,politicians for their politics,it means every one is trying to dominate this war of technology by making videos on youtube and other social networks.

How to earn money with Dailymotion publishing videos.


In this post i will tell you how to dominate this era of video marketing and make some bucks with video content partnership.

1)First you have to make new google account by visiting this link .

2)Now go to youtube(if youtube is block then open it with any proxy software)sign with your google account.

3)You have made your youtube account,now upload at least 4 videos to get easily approval for monetizing videos.
Note:(your videos should not belong to any third party,you can make videos with slide video maker,where you have to  upload any photo album,and youtube will create it  into a video,you can add music by own choice from it)

4)Now verify your channel;
Go to video manager>> channel settings>> features
select the country name>> select verification method>> and write mobile number.
you will receive verification code on your number,now write that code on the given box.

Now apply for Youtube monetization/ partnership program.
First go to channel settings>>Advance>>change country name to USA(united states)because youtube mostly monetize videos that belong to this country,enter blog Address/Url and save.

Now go to channel settings>>features you will be able to see status of monetization just click on (Enable).

Now you will see a page you have to accept all terms of service of youtube.

After that you will receive a email in your inbox.

Now It's time to upload 3-4 unique videos,put proper description,keywords to your videos and channel.

Now visit your monetization tab,there you will find a phrase,( how will i be paid ?) and then click on (Associate Adsense Account), you will be directed to the adsense account,fill all the form with right information about yourself.

That is all about how to monetize your youtube videos with google adsense.

How to earn money with Dailymotion publishing videos.
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Monday, 17 February 2014

how to earn money with dailymotion-publishing videos

Making Money with Video publishing sites like youtube and dailymotion is a new way of earning,Youtube is a king of all video sharing sites but due to its high demand it's losing its popularity among the small publishers of developing countries such as India,Pakistan,Brazil,philippines and also other developed countries.
                           Now it's the turn of Dailymotion to Support these small video publishers to give them some earnings to support their families and to grow dailymotion in those areas where youtube is not present .

Why Dailymotion pays to its users?

If you have seen their videos then you will observe that there are many ads present on the side of those videos  most of them are of google adsense and some other ads networks,so these companies pay them amount for advertisement ,and Dailymotion shares some revenues to its users.

How to make money with youtube videos.

What are the Different ways to make money with Dailymotion?
There are three main ways to make money with it:

1) The official user
     It is the most common method by which its users are making money,simply just upload 3-4 videos and then apply for their official user account,they will ask some questions about your videos info,website and other videos site account.

2)The publisher account
   If you have a website which has good number of visitors then you can apply for this method,it will pay on the total views of your videos and you will have to download a publish it! add on on different browsers you are using,which is the simplest tool to publish videos from main browser.

3)The private companies
   If your videos have got huge views then many companies will offer you to show ads on your videos,such as very famous brands Pepsi,KFC,Airtel etc.

The payment method !
                                      well they pay their costumers through paypal, if paypal is banned in your country then you can use it through your payoneer master card.

                      uploading videos is a not only a good way of making money  but also a good hobby so use that hobby for generating a good revenue share from dailymotion.

How to make money with Youtube.