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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Find Zong sms and call history-ecare

   Zong Pakistan has launched a new service by which you can find your call and sms history, the incoming calls,the outgoing calls ,you can use this service from your computer or mobile or mobile using internet without any fees,it is a free service .

Go through this Zong ecare

Find Mobilink Sms and call history

Type your number without any space or dash ,put password of your own choice, and the human check box and your account will be formed automatically.

zong sms call history details

You will find remaining free minutes and free sms and remaining GPRS data of internet packages.
You will find your details ,your recharge and loads,activation and deactivation of Packages.

Buy and sell paypal funds in pakistan

         Paypal is the online money payment giant, it is already used by each and every online store, the web hosting companies,freelancing sites such as freelancer,elance,upwork (odesk) etc.

       As we know that Paypal is not available in Pakistan, but there are few hidden methods ,through which we can make account in PayPal in Pakistan, but we can also verify it.

In last few months , the use of PayPal  in pakistan has seen a  tremendous growth, mainly advancement in technology as the 4G has been introduced in Pakistan and the use of freelancing sites has also seen trajectory growth.

            These factors have affect the PayPal  funds, paypal buy and selling dollars or the dollars exchange services has also seen growth ,but due to expensive exchange of currency the PayPal users are in trouble.

 So to provide them with good rates, our blog team has started a service for buying and selling PayPal funds,to avail the service please comment below with your mobile number or email address, we will contact you soon.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

How to Get Payoneer Master card with 25 dollars Bonus

 Payoneer Master card is one of the mostly used Online Payment Method in online shopping all over the world after paypal and even used more than paypal in some countries such as Pakistan,Bangladesh,India,Nigeria and other asian countries due to the not availability of paypal.
Online Shopping Payoneer Debit Card

Today i will show you how to get payoneer master card with 25 dollars bonus and get register with it and receive Master Debit Card at your home.

  Create Payoneer Account

1) To Make Payoneer Account Go to this link
   click on sign up button(you will see the following form)

create payoneer account

Fill this form with your own information
Write your own name,email address,date of birth
2) .
payoneer in pakistan
Write Your country where you want to receive your Payoneer Master Card,Your street address with your home address ,your city,postal or zip zode of your city and your mobile number.

Payoneer Bonus 25 Dollars
Now write your Username you will use on payoneer account,enter password,select your security question.


In Above mentioned Form you have to put your Name(which is on National Identity Card),your ID number and your country(Nationality) and you should agree to all terms of service and click on finish,You will get a confirmation email on your email account and they will tell you that we have received your order and it is in approval process,you will get your card in 14-20 days.

How to Activate your Payoneer Card?

After receiving your card within  14-20 days,log on to payoneer website and click on the add your card in box and apply your card data and pin code.

When will you earn 25 dollars with Payoneer?

when you will reload your account with $100 you will get $25 free .

Saturday, 22 February 2014

How to open a US Bank account in Pakistan

                             It's very difficult for Pakistani people to receive money from different revenue sharing sites which pay them for their work, so today i will tell you some websites by which you can get your money in Pakistan,actually you have to open a bank account in the bank of USA(America) and It will send prepaid card,don,t worry it send its card anywhere in Pakistan either you are from city or village, you will receive your Prepaid Master Card on your address. 

US Bank Account in Pakistan

Step no:1

         Go to this website and start your registration,fill correct information about your self and write true address, because they will send you a prepaid master card on that address.

                   How to Get Payoneer Master card with 25$

Step no:2

           After filling that form there will be account information form on that you will have to put your email,password and the security question.

Step no:3

             Now you have to verify your account, it is necessary that you age should be 18 years,if you are under 18 than you have apply through your father or brother account,they will ask your national id card number.

  Sell and buy paypal Funds in Pakistan

You have done your work,see your email and you will find email from Payoneer Prepaid Master Card and now you have to wait for your card.

You will get that card within 20 days, after receiving that there will be card in a envelope, note card number from that and instructions will be written on that card.

Good news now this company is giving free 25$ when you make account on that company. 

Thank you very much for reading this post, we will upload more posts like this because we help those who want to make money answering.