Monday, 14 September 2015

Best Smart watches in 2015

By : Ali Khan
On : 13:52
  Smart watches are taking over the position of smart mobiles, every body is moving towards the smart era, because they are more  reliable, more easy to use , the giant smart phone maker Apple is also investing  in smart watches,a lot of other companies are in competition, either they are for men,women or kids,every one is interested in Android Smart watches, due to its huge network of apps and softwares.

smart watches 2015

Apple watch Review


All the new designs for this season are available,the new apps for the watch including Facebook messenger,ITranslate and all leading apps.The price starts at $399 and ends at $17000. 

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Pebble Watch Review

The smart watch includes activity tracking,gaming,map display,golf tracking,it vibrates and displays emails and messages from Facebook,it can also act as remote control.
Its price starts at $89-$149.

pebble smart watch 2015

Samsung Galaxy Gear-Samsung Watch Review

 This watch was first released with android operating system but later it was changed with Tizen.It is expensive than pebble,it costs $199-$299
It is mix of metal and rubber which give a comfortable feel.

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  1. I search many local stores for buying these beautiful smart watches but did not found anywhere in Lahore. My friend tells me that it can be bought from online stores in Pakistan like which is an online shop. So I want to know that they are reliable or authentic online shop for shopping online?


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