Thursday, 18 September 2014

How to Register cheap .pk domains

By : Ali Khan
On : 13:37

Register .pk domain in Pakistan 

If You are from Pakistan and you want to register a .pk domain with cheap rates,today i will review all of these domain providers in pakistan to provide you best serving domains service.

There are many sites with where you can register a local domain in pakistan,you will find many in Google but there are few which deliver a quality service to their customers,so today i have reviewed some domain registration services in pakistan in order to save your money and problems.

This is a No:1 domain provider in Pakistan,which gives you the best domain service with cheap cost,the payment methods are various,such as Easy Paisa,Omni,Payza,Paypal and Payoneer and there are no further charges like godaddy,and there is no security issues to your domain.

This is the second best on ranking,it is one of the oldest domain provider in pakistan,its payment methods are;through credit cards,prepaid cards and Cheques. 

This is the third best domain registration service in pakistan where you can register domain in cheap rates,its payment methods are Easy Paisa,Ubl omni,Hbl and Paypal.

Another good platform for you to get registered,its the partner of,its payment methods include Payoneer,Paypal and standard chartered.


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