Sunday, 13 July 2014

How to Get Payoneer Master card with 25 dollars Bonus

By : Ali Khan
On : 21:02
 Payoneer Master card is one of the mostly used Online Payment Method in online shopping all over the world after paypal and even used more than paypal in some countries such as Pakistan,Bangladesh,India,Nigeria and other asian countries due to the not availability of paypal.
Online Shopping Payoneer Debit Card

Today i will show you how to get payoneer master card with 25 dollars bonus and get register with it and receive Master Debit Card at your home.

  Create Payoneer Account

1) To Make Payoneer Account Go to this link
   click on sign up button(you will see the following form)

create payoneer account

Fill this form with your own information
Write your own name,email address,date of birth
2) .
payoneer in pakistan
Write Your country where you want to receive your Payoneer Master Card,Your street address with your home address ,your city,postal or zip zode of your city and your mobile number.

Payoneer Bonus 25 Dollars
Now write your Username you will use on payoneer account,enter password,select your security question.


In Above mentioned Form you have to put your Name(which is on National Identity Card),your ID number and your country(Nationality) and you should agree to all terms of service and click on finish,You will get a confirmation email on your email account and they will tell you that we have received your order and it is in approval process,you will get your card in 14-20 days.

How to Activate your Payoneer Card?

After receiving your card within  14-20 days,log on to payoneer website and click on the add your card in box and apply your card data and pin code.

When will you earn 25 dollars with Payoneer?

when you will reload your account with $100 you will get $25 free .


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