Tuesday, 10 June 2014

How to make money with social media marketing

By : Ali Khan
On : 23:51
      It was the beginning of this era of social media when no one knows that one can make  money with  social networking sites,but due to popularity of these social sites,there demand increases among marketers.

                 But Now when one out of 7 people use social media daily,the popularity of these social networks is increased,and have become place for those marketers who used to market their products with old methods.

 The most focusing social media networks are Facebook,Twitter,Google plus,Linkedin and Tumblr,facebook is king of all networks,Twitter on 2nd,whereas Google plus has its own influence on internet marketers due to the product of Google inc. and many other benefits.Linkedin is the professional social networking site where one can found the jobs and meet with professionals.

Social media is also a good place for medium and small business owners who can easily make their products page and sell all items through it,from few dollar garments to electronics products.

If you have skill in any particular field then these networks are waiting for your talent,video marketers use social media and get huge views and sharing by users,you can also use dailymotion publishers to earn money,you can also sell your applications and photos on Facebook.

Some companies run giveaways in order to get more followers on their pages and sites to increase their sell of products,you can use these networks for selling affiliate products from amazon affiliate program,from which you can earn 10% of the total products purchase by your click through visitor,you can use other affiliate networks ebay or web-hosting companies such as bluehost,hostgator and godaddy.

It is the rule of marketing that more time you spend the more products you sell,so in order to get success in social media marketing you have to work hard,you have to use Facebook Groups,Pages,Profiles and Hashtags to get more customers and more sells.

That was all about how to make money with social media marketing.
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  1. Yes, That's true social media playing a vital role in modern term of marketing. Social media marketing provide bloom to the online shopping in Pakistan. And now there are several online shopping store working in pakistan.

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