Friday, 27 June 2014

Chitika proved it as best ad network for asian traffic

By : Ali Khan
On : 21:32
                I started my blogging journey 2 years ago by making three blogs of which two were based on the keywords which have very high competition and not receiving much traffic and third was about songs which was receiving very good traffic especially from Asian countries Paksitan,India,Bangladesh,Philippines and Indonesia  but not making any money, i applied for adsense but it disapproved me,then i used a couple of networks first i monetize blog with infolinks,then some pop up networks then i applied for chitika but at that time in 2012 its cpm was just 0.01 for asian traffic after that i removed my chitika ads from my blog and search for other ad networks.

Chitika Best Adsense Alternative Asian Traffic

 How Chitika Win Back its Customers and me in 2014?

I used to visit and search some blogs especially new blogs which were on blogspot/blogger or wordpress domain to find which ad network are they using,i find chitika ads on many blogs and find one thing that they are using content related and high paying kewords with fully optimized good looking color and, so i observed that now they have improved their network earnings and obviously chitika earnings of their publishers should also be increased,so i went back to my old gmail 
account for finding that email from chitika which i received 2 years back from them,i opened my account and got code and put it on my blog(that music blog on which i was no working more and was loosing traffic).

First day Chitika earnings,Cpm and Ctr?

On next day i opened my earnings reports and was satisfied with that, the earnings were $1.29,Cpm was $0.19 and Ctr was 3.19%.i was happy to see that Ctr 3.10% because in my blogging carrer i never saw that much Ctr,but i want to take it up to 5.00% on next day so i changed their number,ads color,size and used one in between the posts,the main things was ads colour,i change it according to my blog color(my blog consists of three colors white,red and blue,the tabs were red so i used red colors ads code on side and between the post)  

What happened on 2nd Day?

On 2nd day impressions(due to increase in ads banners) and Ctr5.87%(due to change in color) increased up to double than 1st day,but earnings increased up to three times($3.17),i was happy to see that result. 

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Review of Chitika.

Best alternative to Google Adsense.
It has three different levels,Bronze,Silver and Gold or Chitika premium,that increases according to your earnings,for Gold level you have to earn $1000 in 90 days,silver is very easy to get(i got silver on first day).
Its payment method is Paypal and Check.
Its minimum payment or payment threshold is just $10.
It has also Mobile Ads Banners.
Further you can use linx,hover and highlights to increase your revenue(see them in Default apps tab).

This is how chitika proved it as Best Ad Network for Asian Traffic and Best Alternative to Adsense. 





  1. After going through the blog, I feel that this information is really
    very useful in getting the knowledge about Ad exchanges in India
    Thanks a lot for sharing
    this vital information with us!!

  2. The information is useful but I do know something much better.
    Adtomatik is also an ad network. I've been using it for a year and the result couldn't be better. The best service. I totally recommend it.


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