Saturday, 22 February 2014

How to open a US Bank account in Pakistan

By : Ali Khan
On : 11:16
                             It's very difficult for Pakistani people to receive money from different revenue sharing sites which pay them for their work, so today i will tell you some websites by which you can get your money in Pakistan,actually you have to open a bank account in the bank of USA(America) and It will send prepaid card,don,t worry it send its card anywhere in Pakistan either you are from city or village, you will receive your Prepaid Master Card on your address. 

US Bank Account in Pakistan

Step no:1

         Go to this website and start your registration,fill correct information about your self and write true address, because they will send you a prepaid master card on that address.

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Step no:2

           After filling that form there will be account information form on that you will have to put your email,password and the security question.

Step no:3

             Now you have to verify your account, it is necessary that you age should be 18 years,if you are under 18 than you have apply through your father or brother account,they will ask your national id card number.

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You have done your work,see your email and you will find email from Payoneer Prepaid Master Card and now you have to wait for your card.

You will get that card within 20 days, after receiving that there will be card in a envelope, note card number from that and instructions will be written on that card.

Good news now this company is giving free 25$ when you make account on that company. 

Thank you very much for reading this post, we will upload more posts like this because we help those who want to make money answering.



  1. Thanks for sharing. You can additionally get a free virtual credit card and use it just like any other card . Most vcc providers give you a free US based bank account.

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  4. Hi do we have any prepaid master card for pakistan which can be uploaded with a moneypak greendot ?

  5. No,There is not any prepaid card,but you can reload Paypal with money pak,but i have never used it from pakistan,you should join any local bank of pakistan to reload your account,

  6. I have a client who wants to pay only with green dot moneypak . I have payoneer and PayPal but it require social security mumber in order to in cash it in PayPal . So is there any way that I can cash it here in pakistan . Will appreciate any help

  7. i have listened about Western Union with that you can reload some prepaid cards(specially payoneer),but never used these tricky methods, is your client from pakistan or an other country?

  8. My client is from USA and he insist on paying with moneypak green dot only and it's not working for me . Just wanted to know is there any way before declining his work

    1. There is no any way to pay him with moneypak from pakistan,search for other alternatives on needs US IP address and SSN(which is only given to US citizens)

  9. I've try several method on how to make US Bank Account but no Luck :(. Couple weeks ago my sister told me she found a website that they had a method. Here's the link A Guide How To Open An US Bank Account For Non-Resident I can't believe it work perpect, thanks to my sister and for the owner of this site, I thought you should try it dude. good luck.

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