Monday, 3 February 2014

how to make money with pay per install networks in pakistan

By : Ali Khan
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          In these days the networks which pay per installation are investing their money to get their network in market and paying good amount to their users and getting much more from their advertisers ,so today i begin to think about the different websites which give decent amount  to their users and made a good post for you to understand this huge investing industry.

There is a list of the websites which give higher than others;
This is recommended site for the users who have traffic from asian countries such as india,pakistan,bangladesh and philippines because it pays them good as compared to other PPI networks which gives preference to developed countries such as USA,UK,Canada,Austrailia.
This site is good for the developed countries as it pays huge to its users and it pays less amount in developing countries its payment threshold is $200 via paypal and wire-transfer.

There are Some other sites which also pays good but i have not used them

Final words about pay per install networks:

If you have good traffic you can earn more than google adsense, it depend upon you to use any network.

Thanks for ready this :) 

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