Tuesday, 11 February 2014

how to monetize blog with infolinks

By : Ali Khan
On : 12:33
                                        Infolinks is a good paying pay per click advertisement company which pay you for every click but it is also a cpm network because it pays for the views of advertisement,it is the best choice for bloggers to use it because it uses in-text ads in your blogs which increase the clicks ratio and you earn more money by using it.

Why Should you use infolinks on your blogs?  
Because it also pays good amount for the Asian and African countries such as Pakistan,India,Philippines and Nigeria.

What are the Payment methods of Infolinks?
It pays through Paypal,Payoneer and Western Union,minimum payout for Paypal and Payoneer is $50 and for Western Union is $100,i suggest you to use Payoneer Master card for receiving money through infolinks.

Is Infolinks best adsense alternatives in India,Pakistan?
Yes, it is right that infolinks is the best choice for the bloggers of developing countries to use it in their blogs and website, because its CPM is much higher than other ad networks.

How to increase Infolinks revenue?
It now allows you to use following methods to increase revenue,
i) Insearch
ii) Intext
iii) Intag
iv) Inframe

By using these four methods of infolinks ads placements you can increase your infolinks earnings.

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Final words:
It is a good ads network for publishers as well as for advertisers, so if you want to monetize your blog and want to receive good amount then infolinks is a good choice for your blog,

Thanks for Reading this post ,keep enjoy blogging :)

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