Tuesday, 7 January 2014

how to make money with bubblews- revenue sharing site

By : Ali Khan
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          Bubblews is the great option for those web surfers who want to make money by sharing,liking and commenting , it splits its revenue among its users which it get from its advertising networks. 

How Bubblews works?
You have to simply register for account of bubblews and start posting your articles about different topics,
it shares its revenue to users which it get from different advertising networks such as adsesne,medadsmedia.

Is Bubblews scam ?
Bubblews dot com is not scam because it has paid many times to me, its minimum payout is $25-50 ,and i have received cash  many times from it.

How much can earn with Bubblews?
it usually gives $0.1 for each like, view, comment etc, as you have more views,likes and comments on your post you will earn more,now think if you have 100 posts, and each post get 50-100 views then you can know a very good amount from it.

How to increase Bubblews views, likes, comments?
In order to increase your views,likes and comments, you have to be very active on social media such as facebook, twitter and other social networks, you have to share your link on different pages of facebook and select that type which you think people have more interest and more people will find it on search engines.

Best topics for Bubblews?
The best topics for bubblews are beauty,business,fashion,entertainment and gaming etc.

What are payment options for bubblews?
The payment options are paypal,Bank check,visa gifts .


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  2. Bubblews is a legitimate site and many people have been paid including me. In fact, its just not following the rules which makes people not to be paid but if you stick, you can get paid quickly and easily. Here is are other similar sites with Bubblews which you can use to earn extra bux in addition to Bubbling.


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